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The late emeritus Archbishop Boniface Lele, who took over the Archdiocese in June, 2005, stressed the need of an accounting system that would safeguard the wealth of the Church.

There is more concretization on the importance of financial support of the Church and the first financial report of the Archdiocese was presented to the Priests Annual General Meeting. The report was welcome as it was the first of its kind, which evoked a lot of positive support from the priests.

The emphasis now is to build the capacity of the parishes to be more accountable, and therefore resulted in visitation of Parish Finance Committees, in order to enlighten and educate these committees. Monthly financial reports are coming in, and the hope is that this will be the normal way of relationship with the Finance Office.

The Annual Fund Raising for the Archdiocese continues, and last year’s proceeds were the highest ever. Br. Frank TenHoopen is the efficient Financial Administrator.

Message for all;

 RE: Sacrifice that would make us feels it

One of the main themes that we both see in the old and new testament is sacrifice, real sacrifice. In Genesis 4: 1 - 8 we see that God want not just sacrifice but the sacrifice that would make us feel it, he want the best of the best that we have. Their bodies had to be perfect. The owner had to feel the loss of the sacrifice. The sacrifice was not just one of the lambs but the one that the owner was most proud of. The purpose of the sacrifice was to prove to God that our commitment to him was real and not just words.

We can do this through our annual fund rising that will be announced in our churches. These sacrifices after being offered to God supported the religious structure of the temple and the support of the priests.

Thank your in advance


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 The evangelization of the Kenyan – Tanganyika coast started from Zanzibar in 1889, through the initiative of Msgr. Armand Maupont, Bishop of St. Denis on the island of Reunion, in the Southern waters of the Indian Ocean, which was entrusted to the Holy Ghost Fathers.


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