Caritas is well known as the Development and the Humanitarian arm of the Catholic Church. The arm deals mainly with assisting the poor and the vulnerable people in the society. Caritas also responds to emergencies and focuses on disaster risk reduction.

It is in line with this that after the Kenyan Government Declared drought a national disaster last year February that the Catholic Relief Service which carries out the commitments of the Bishops of United States of assisting the poor and vulnerable overseas decided to fund a project known as the Kenya Drought emergency response and Recovery Project (K.D.R.R.P) through Caritas Mombasa. This was based on the food report released by the National Drought and Management Authority (N.D.M.A.) which deals with food security in Kenya.

The Kenyan Coast was one of the most affeceted by the drought therefore the Project was implemented in the Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa through Caritas Mombasa. The main parts that benefited from the program are Ganze and Kaloleni Sub- County which are in Kilifi County and Kinango Sub- County which is in Kwale County.

K.D.R.R.P is a one year project which started last year July 2017 and intends to end in August 2018 and focuses mainly on Pastoral/agro pastoral livelihoods and Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and natural resource management. According to Catherine Atinda the Mombasa K.D.R.R .P co- ordinator, the project targeted around 5500 families and they succeded to give out drought resistant seeds worth 4,600 Kenya Shillings to over 6000 people.

The seeds entailed; Green grams. Water Melon, Mango, Cowpeas ,Banana and variety of vegetable seeds. Every family was given 80 Kilograms Livestock pallets which assists the livestock to recover the drought by boosting their weight. The WASH project is also on process and is expected to end in May this year. Two pipeline project of 9.7 Kilometers passing from Paziani To Maringa in Bamba Ward in Kilifi County and another one of 5.2km passing from Taru to Egu in Kwale County are under construction expected to end May this year. Egu- Taru Community based water Project is a community based organization being funded By Caritas under the WASH project and according to the Chairman Mr. Festus Kambi the project is almost done. Festus Kambi Further expressed his gratitudes to Caritas, saying that the project has been incomplete for years until Caritas came in.

In Mombasa the K.D.R.R.P project has been recorded a success .Tsuheni Kathengi Koi who is a Bamba Ward resident planted Water melon not believing whether they could do well but now she has more than 200 tons of Watermelon to harvest. She Says that she is now in a position to sell them and get school fees for her children. Furaha Karisa Katore Says that she planted only 2 Kilograms of Green grams and she has ended up harvesting 4 bags which are equivalent to 360 Kilograms . Elizabeth Kazungu is a resident in Taru which is in Kwale County she benefited from Mango and banana Seeds, the plants are doing well however she says the seeds were small in number and requested if they can get more.



Although the project has been success there are also challenges experienced. Kasai Kazungu from Taru says that he got three Mango seeds and planted but unfortunately he shared them with ants which made the seeds to die. He requested for an appropriate pesticide to deal with the issue. Tsuheni Kathengi Koi also has challenges in Marketing her water melons.

Bamba is a remote place and due to lack of transport she might end up selling them at a throw away price. ‘’The Project is to end May this year and I’m not certain of extension’ ’Says Catherine Atinda the K.D.R.R.P co-ordinator.

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