Rev. Fr. Harrison Yaa

Archdiocesan Pastoral Cordinator




It  is one among the Commissions at the level of the Archdiocesan Curia. Ordinarily, the Archbishop oversees all Pastoral issues in the Archdiocese as the chief shepherd. However, with the spirit of collaboration and communion, the Archbishop works closely with a team that is able to share with him and seek for his guidance and direction on matters that are pastoral oriented.


The Pastoral Commission  in the Archdiocese is composed of the following:

1. The Archbishop himself 

2. The Vicar General

3. The Finance Administrator

4. The Pastoral  Coordinator

5. All the deans from the ten deaneries. 


At the level of the Curia, the Pastoral Commission  has the following departments:

1. Lay Apostolate  and Gender. Sr. Theopista Air is in charge.

2. The Youth Office. This office handles the junior, senior youths and Young Catholic Adults ( CYA). Bro. John Nderitu is the Coordinator while  Fr. Stephen Anjeru is the Chaplain.

3. The Vocations Office that is currently being handled by Fr. Armogast Mdawida.

4. The Family Life Department that is being taken care of by Fr. Siegfried Mwatighina.

5. The Pontifical Missionary Societies  ( PMS) Sr. Pauline Andrew and Sr. Catherine Mwelu  are in charge.

6. The Catechists where  Fr. Harrison Yaa is in charge.

7. Pastoral  Projects. Sr. Mary Kevin is in charge.

8. The Pastoral Centre. Sr. Stella Waswa is the manager.


The Pastoral Commission works closely with the following:

1. The Archdiocesan  Liturgical Commission.  Fr. John Correa is the Coordinator. 

2. The Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue Commission. Very Rev. Fr. Wilybad Lagho is in charge.

3. The Apostolate  for the  Seafares and people on the move. The chaplain is Very Rev. Fr. Wilybad Lagho assisted by Fr. Harrison  Yaa.



1. We have periodic monthly meetings. This helps us to share and do evaluations in order to build up that aspect of collaboration. 

2. Almost each and every department has a structure that touches the parishes as the grassroot. We have information on what is taking place both at the deanery and parish levels.

3. The Archbishop  creates time for us as  a Commission in order to advice us on the way forward. Through the different departmental heads, the Archbishop  is able to reach out to the different Archdiocesan  groups.

5. Most of the department's within the Commission have means of transport.

6. We have begun sourcing for funds  through fund raisers that are meant to assist us to run our different departments.

7. Through that desired team spirit, sometimes we combine our actives and move together to certain designated areas for our Apostolate.                        


1. Not getting the proper feed back at the right time from deaneries and parishes when it comes to Pastoral  issues that we need to be aware of.

2. Our Archdiocese  is vast. Sometimes we are not able to reach out to our deaneries and parishes  at the right time.

3. Financial  support as a challenge.

4. Sometimes  there are conflicting PASTORAL adventures owing to the fact that deaneries and parishes may have their specific pastoral programs that may not have been shared out to the relevant departmental heads.

5. Our Commission takes care of all the Archdiocesan Lay Associations and Lay Movements. Having all of them at a platform  in the level of sharing is a challenge.

6. Poor  leadership in some of our associations and movements pose a challenge. This drags us behind.

7.Pastoral variations based on different localities also pose a challenge. What is happening in Taita Taveta may not be happening in Kwale.



1. Reception of  new members for our different associations and movements within parish levels

2. Reconstituting the Deanery Pastoral  Councils in order  to pave way for  the formation of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council

3. Along with the Archbishop,  we are working on the final draft of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Strategic Plan

4. On going formation for our different  pastoral groups within the Archdiocese.

5. Some of our groups are intending to go for their pilgrimage to Rwanda and Uganda. We had our Archdiocesan pilgrimage on the 5th. of May in Bura.

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